Art projects about computer vision, privacy, and machine learning


Dec 2018: MegaPixels, the online experience

Jan 2019: Transmediale workshop with Syrian Archive.

Jan 2019: CPDP 2019 talk on facial recognition datasets. Brussels.


Dec 2018 - Feb 2019: VFRAME - at Ars Electronica Export in Berlin


Nov 2018: MegaPixels - Face Dataset Search - at Monitoring in Kassel (DE)

Berlin: Data Pools - WiFi Geolocation Spoofing Device on View at

Berlin: New Stealth Wear 'Anti-Drone Parka' commission by Germany Spy Museum and collaboration with Acronym

Seoul: New Think Privacy Posters, CV Dazzle, and Data Pools --> Seoul Media Art Biennale 2018

Istanbul: Data Pools --> Istanbul Design Biennale 2018

Denmark: Lecture on Minimizing Facial Surface Attack Areas at Univ. of Aarhus Shy Faces

Austria: VFRAME @ ARS Electronica

Germany: HyperFace textile exhibited at Vitra Design Museum: Politics of Design

Berlin: Pedestrian Dataset Analysis for Nomadic Bodies show at Eigen Lab

Washington DC, July 19: Color of Surveillance (Eventbrite)

Prague, CZ: Think Privacy on view at DOX Datamaze.

Karlsruhe, DE: SkyLift: WiFi geolocation spoofing device at ZKM Open Codes / Schloss Web Residencies Exhibition

Berlin, May 2-4: Accelerating Human Rights Investigations with Computer Vision w/ Syrian Archive @ re-publica

Berlin, May 2-4: Biometric Systems of Control w/ Matthew Stender @ re-publica

CV Dazzle at Frankfurter Kunstverein. Feb 14 - Aug 4, 2018

MegaPixels at Glass Room exploring facial recognition training databases

Facial Recognition: Dos and Dont’s for Machine Readable Life. Drugo More. Nov 11-13. Talk on computer vision: From 1 to 100 Pixels. Transmit Festival. Oct 12-14.

Aug 11-13. Hannover, Germany. Discussion on new capabilities in computer vision at Fucsbsau Festival

June 21, 2017. Ljubljana, Slovenia. Aksioma. Exhibition for Think Privacy collection.

Metalogue with Christian Marazzi on computer vision for Belligerent Eyes at Prada Fondazione

June 10. Lithuania. TEDxVilnius. From 1 to 100 Pixels

June 24. Berlin. TINCON. Computer Vison and Biometric Identities. Talk + Workshop.

May 30. Berlin. Deutsches Spionagemuseum. Presentation on capabilities of facial recognition.

May 22-24. Copenhagen. Uncertain Image Workshop. University of Copenhagen.

April. Stuttgart. SkyLift awarded web residency at Akademie Schloss Solitude and ZKM

April 28. London. From 1 to 100 Pixels presentation and Think Privacy presented at V&A: Friday late. Photo 1 | Photo 2

Future Events

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