Art and Research about Surveillance, Privacy, and Computer Vision

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The Exploitation of Photography

The Exploitation of Photography How Creative Commons Licenses Enable Surveillance

Today's Selfie Is Tomorrow's Biometric Profile

Today’s Selfie Is Tomorrow’s Biometric Profile Commissioned by for the exhibition “House of Mirrors: Artificial Intelligence as Phantasm”

What Is a Face?

What Is a Face? Essay for “Fake AI” book by Meatspace Press

Current Projects # Automatic, private, open-source face redaction web app (2021-2022)


VFRAME Computer vision toolkit for human rights researchers and conflict zone analysis (2017-21)

Researchers Gone Wild

Researchers Gone Wild Art exhibit and research on AI information supply chains and biometric media obtained “in the wild” (2018-21) Interrogating biometric training datasets (2018-21)

Archived Projects #

Data Pools

Data Pools Zero-click Wi-Fi geolocation services exploit with Silicon Valley CEO geolocations (2018)

Think Privacy

Think Privacy Privacy propaganda inspired by Facebook’s motivational posters (2016)


HyperFace Face decoy camouflage scarf (2016)

Stealth Wear

Stealth Wear Anti-Drone thermal signature reduction camouflage (2013)

CV Dazzle

CV Dazzle Camouflage against computer vision using makeup and hair styling (2010)