Critical Art and Research on Surveillance, Privacy, and Computer Vision

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What Is a Face? Essay for Fake AI book by Meatspace Press

Current Projects # Automatic, private, open-source face redaction web app (2021-2022)

VFRAME Computer vision toolkit for human rights researchers and conflict zone analysis (2017-21)

Researchers Gone Wild Art exhibit and research on AI information supply chains and biometric media obtained “in the wild” (2018-21) Interrogating biometric training datasets (2018-21)

Archived Projects #

Data Pools Zero-click Wi-Fi geolocation services exploit with Silicon Valley CEO geolocations (2018)

Think Privacy Privacy propaganda inspired by Facebook’s motivational posters (2016)

HyperFace Face decoy camouflage scarf (2016)

Stealth Wear Anti-Drone thermal signature reduction camouflage (2013)

CV Dazzle Camouflage against computer vision using makeup and hair styling (2010)