Lecture on computer vision,
Lecture on computer vision, "Building Archives of Resistance", and repurposing consumer AI surplus for human rights. Transmediale 2019. Photo by Laura Fiorio


Adam Harvey (US) is a researcher and artist based in Berlin focused on computer vision, privacy, and surveillance. He is a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University (2010) and previously studied engineering and photojournalism at the Pennsylvania State University. Previous projects on surveillance include CV Dazzle (camouflage from face recognition), the Anti-Drone Burqa (camouflage from thermal cameras), SkyLift (a geolocation spoofing device), and MegaPixels (interrogating face recognition information supply chains). His work has been featured widely in media publication including the BBC, Spiegel, Washington Post, New York Times, Wired, The Atlantic, and the Financial Times; and shown at internationally acclaimed institutions and events including V&A museum (UK), Seoul Mediacity Biennale (KR), Istanbul Design Biennale (TK), Frankfurter Kunstverien (DE), Zeppelin Museum (DE), Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (US), and Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art (US).

Most recently, Harvey developed VFRAME, a comptuer vision project that helps human rights researchers use visual forensic tools for OSINT investigations. VFRAME received an Award of Distinction from Ars Electronica in 2019 and was selected as a nominee for the EU STARTS prize in 2018.


Research and Consulting

I'm based in Berlin and occasionally work with groups on topics related to data, privacy, surveillance, computer vision, and art. Previous speaking and lectures include Disruption Network Lab AI Traps (2019), Strelka (2018, 2019), Eyeo Festival (2019), HEAD - Genève (2019), Transmediale (2019), Aarhus University symposium on facial machines (2018), Georgetown Color of Surveillance (2018), re:publica Berlin (2018), TEDx Vilnius (2017), German Spy Museum (2017), re:publica Berlin (2016), HOPE (NYC), Elevate (Graz, 2017), and CCC (Hamburg, 2016), and European Commission's Annual Security Symposium (Brussels, 2015).

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