From 1 to 100 Pixels. TEDxVilnius. 2017.
Adam Harvey

is an artist and researcher based in Berlin exploring the societal impacts of networked data analysis technologies with a focus on computer vision, digital imaging technologies, and counter surveillance.

"The NSA declined to comment on Harvey's work, as did the Office of the Director of National Intelligence." Washington Post

Project Development

Alongside personal projects, I frequently work as a developer for other artists. Recent projects include developing a custom computer vision toolkit for the artist Trevor Paglen, a facial recognition system for Ai Weiwei, neural networks for Constant Dullaart, and a computer vision fooling scarf for Hyphen Lab's NSAF project.


I'm based in Berlin and occasionally but reluctantly speak or consult on topics related to privacy, surveillance, and computer vision. Previous events include TEDxVilnius (2017), German Spy Museum (2017), re:publica Berlin (2016), the European Commission's Annual Security Symposium (Brussels, 2015), HOPE (NYC), Elevate (Graz, 2017), and CCC (Hamburg, 2017).

Recent talks:


Camouflage and Media Design - HTW Fall 2016 Workshop

A one week workshop on the role of camouflage in media design at HTW Chur/Bern in Switzerland. Topics covered include camouflage theory, historical precedents, computer vision, and figure/ground relativity. Organized by Tanja Hess at HTW

Course Material
Selected Student Work

Stratosphere of Surveillance - NYU Fall 2015

Stratosphere of Surveillance was a graduate class at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University that explored a multitude of surveillance technologies with a hands-on approach to facilitate more informed ideas about privacy. Topics covered include: introduction to concepts of privacy and personal data, incentivized interrogation and information processing, web browsers and digital surveillance, WiFi MAC address tracking, MiTM web traffic inspection, biometrics and computer vision, expressive interference and artistic responses.



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